Heating technology eligibility in new build dwellings: Heat Pumps


23 May 2016
New Whitepaper - Piecing Together the Nearly-Zero (NZEB) Energy Puzzle. What should heating sector stakeholders do to maximise their opportunity under the upcoming NZEB market conditions?

​With 28 individual member states responsible for defining their NZEB regulations, many of which are either  not yet fully-defined,  or  difficult  to interpret, this has left many firms wondering where they stand and what products they should offer under an implemented NZEB policy in the various EU new build heating markets. Our new report can help you to piece together this NZEB puzzle.  

Download our new Whitepaper which gives you free extract from our newly published NZEB Study.

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Our NZEB Study has now been published. If you would like to find out more about buying the Study please email [email protected].

The Heat Pump Research Service helps subscribers identify and evaluate the critical innovations shaping future market development. Download our service prospectus to find out more, or contact Service Manager Lukas Bergmann to find out more.
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