23 May 2016
Waterpark in Ruda Śląska, Poland
A set of four specialist Calorex heat pumps are efficiently maintaining optimum water temperatures at a new waterpark in Poland.

The water attraction, which opened in Ruda Śląska last summer, features a 312m² swimming pool and an 840m² recreational pool, which are both heated by Calorex Pro-Pac heat pumps. 

​In fact, it is estimated that the waterpark is saving around 64% on heating costs by using heat pumps opposed to gas heating. 
​Paweł Waligórski from JP Spolka, Calorex’s long-established Polish distributor for swimming pool heat pumps and dehumidifiers, explains: “Last season the waterpark cost 45,000 zlotys to heat. We estimate that to heat the same amount of water by gas would cost around 126,000 zlotys for the season. The savings are huge.”

Heat pumps are recognised as the most sustainable way to dynamically heat swimming pool water, saving on both energy and operating costs. Typically, Calorex Pro-Pac units offer up to 334% savings on operating costs and a 50% reduction in carbon compared to fossil fuel boilers.

The temperature of the recreational pool at the waterpark is maintained by three Pro-Pac 140 units and a Pro-Pac 70 was specified to meet the requirements of the smaller swimming pool. 

JP Spolka were instrumental in planning and designing the new waterpark facility, as Paweł explains: “During the planning stages, we performed simulations of heating power demand and calculated the estimated costs. We then used these figures to decide on the most effective means of heating the water and provided all the relevant equipment. We also perform a minimum of two services per year at the beginning and the end of the season.”

Calorex Pro-Pac commercial heat pumps are specifically designed to economically provide heating for larger pools with high bather loads, like those at the waterpark in Ruda Śląska, which welcomes between 2,500 and 4,000 visitors each day.

As with all Calorex pool heat pumps, the components of the Pro-Pac range are carefully engineered to provide maximum efficiency with years of trouble free service.

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