Heat pumps in focus


07 October 2019
A new feature at this year's Low Carbon Homes event in Manchester next month will see the heat pump industry demonstrating its role in helping the city to meet its 2038 zero carbon ambition.

In association with Manchester City Council, Manchester Climate Change Agency and other stakeholders, Low Carbon Homes opens on November 14 at Manchester’s Friends Meeting House to tackle the particular challenges of retrofit across the city region.  A major new feature for 2019 is Heat Pump Focus - an event within an event - featuring heat pump associations, manufacturers, system designers and installers.
Reducing or eliminating domestic carbon emissions will involve transforming the UK’s entire housing stock through a combination of improved insulation, behavioural change and a reduction in the use of carbon intensive heating. For Manchester and the wider city region, this equates to retrofitting up to 1.2 million properties, while ensuring that new homes are built to the highest possible standard.

The UK Government recently issued a consultation on their proposed Future Homes Standard, involving a major review of Building Regulations, which affect how new homes are specified and constructed.  A further consultation is anticipated to address the more complicated issue of existing homes. The current consultation proposes that widespread use of energy efficient technology is deployed to reduce the carbon impact of domestic heating, (which accounts for 17% of UK emissions) including heating system design suitable for heat pumps.

Presentations and Q&A sessions will cover technology fit, current policy and longer-term direction of the heat pump industry in pursuit of net zero.  

Contributors include the Ground Source Heat Pump AssociationNIBE Energy SystemsVaillantInfinitas DesignKensa ContractingStar Renewable Energy, the Heat Pump AssociationLG and Daikin UK.

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