Heat pumps in district networks


30 June 2021

The Institute of Refrigeration's SIRACH network will be hosting a free online event dedicated to heat pumps in district heat networks on July 7.

District heat networks are already in operation in various sites in Europe and this event will be an opportunity to look at how they are contributing to the decarbonisation of heating and cooling. The programme will be as follows:

  • ectogrid - An energy solution for future sustainable cities - Helen Carlström, EON Group
  • Lessons from Norway  - Gert Neilson, Xrgy 
  • Decarbonising heating and cooling demand - Jonathan Bowes, Strathclyde University
  • Interactive facilitated networking and discussion - Carole Bond
  • GreenSCIES - Heat pump integration into 5th generation networks - Chris Dunham, Carbon Descent
  • D2GRIDS project - Demand-driven Grids a thermal smart grid is based on low temperatures - Herman Eijdems, Mijnwater
  • COOL DH - Case study of a fifth generation district heating network in Lund Sweden - Ali Moallemi

Book your place here.

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