Heat pumps £2,500 cheaper thanks to new policy change


14 May 2024

Daniel Särefjord, CEO, Aira UK, shares his reaction to the government's new policy changes in the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, aimed at reducing the cost of heat pump installations by £2,500.

Daniel said: “Heat pumps do the same job as gas or oil boilers, they heat water and distribute this around your home to keep your property and water warm. The difference is that heat pumps are 4 x more efficient and technologically more advanced than gas or oil boilers; a new Aira Heat Pump will therefore help families save up to 25% on their heating-related costs and reduce their household heating-related emissions by 75%.

Heat pumps will free families to spend more of their income on non-heating related expenses, reduce the country’s gas use – which is responsible for a third of the UK’s emissions – and help to insulate the country from future international gas price shocks, such as the skyrocketing costs that we experienced following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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For households that previously required loft or cavity wall insulation to secure the BUS grant, this policy change will make the installation of a heat pump £2,500 cheaper on average, allowing people to choose when to upgrade their home insulation and making heat pump ownership, even more, budget friendly.”