Heat Pump Month schedule announced


02 June 2021

Seven free virtual events have been announced during the UK's first Heat Pump Month.

The initiative, backed by the Ground Source Heat Pump Association, Heat Pump Association, Heat Pump Federation and MCS, begins on Thursday June 17 with a month-long series of free-to-attend online events aimed at housing, built-environment, policy and installation professionals.

The first Ask Me Anything event is open to all those who have an interest in heat pumps, and will consist of a virtual room of hosted, themed round tables where attendees can ask any questions about heat pumps and can jump between tables according to their interests.

Subsequent events, hosted by supporting manufacturers Daikin UK, Kensa Heat Pumps, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Vaillant, and heat emitter manufacturer Jaga UK, feature sessions on system design, heat networks, procurement, skills, emitter selection, recent policy developments and a range of other topics.

Heat Pump Month organiser Graham Lock

Graham Lock, founder of Low Carbon Homes and organiser of Heat Pump Month, said: “The UK Government has stated that 600,000 heat pumps a year need to be installed from 2028 to meet our carbon-reduction targets, aligning with installation levels of other European nations. The much-anticipated Heat and Buildings Strategy is due to be released in June – possibly during Heat Pump Month – so now is the perfect time to learn more about the technology, but also the wider challenge of de-carbonising the heating of our buildings.

“We’re delighted that the heat pump industry has assembled to create a truly inspiring, high-quality month of knowledge exchange activity which will help inform key stakeholders on a range of topics, highlighting the inevitable challenges but also the widespread opportunities.”

Ask Me Anything - Thursday June 17, 4-8pm
Drop in at any time to join round-table discussions and have your heat pumps questions answered. With topics ranging from specification to certification, system design to funding, policy to procurement, attendees can learn anything from how to enter the market, specification best-practice, funding options and latest policy developments. Hosted by engineers, specifiers, system designers and industry representatives the event provides a unique opportunity to learn from peers, meet with industry experts and enjoy a sociable environment at a time to suit you.

Supporting Low Carbon Solutions, with Daikin UK – Wednesday June 23, 10am–12noon
Join Daikin UK for an update on government policy and funding; growth, government drivers, and opportunities. The event will help to remove the myths on heat pumps and provide support to local authorities and housing associations to develop low carbon proposals; other topics will be examined including assisting with stock assessments/feasibility studies; providing access to Daikin’s local installer network and their new Sustainable Home Centres and training and education support.

Welcome to Green Street: The Lowest Cost, Lowest Carbon Solution For Net Zero Heat, with Kensa Heat Pumps, Thursday June 24, 2-4pm

The de-carbonisation of heat requires some key early infrastructure decisions. Using ambient heat networks and distributed heat pumps could be the answer. Finding the best route to net zero, offering a whole-system value-for-money solution - lowest cost and lowest carbon - will require systemic change across infrastructure, supply chain and consumer. What might be ‘best’ for one stakeholder – eg: lowest appliance cost - might be a disaster for another stakeholder - say, peak grid capacity. Some of the key challenges will be presented, and then opened up into discussion groups in order to identify and form conclusions on the big question: How can we ensure that a consumer-led solution is achieved, with optimum outcomes for all stakeholders?

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The role of heat pumps in the low carbon society, with Panasonic – Tuesday June 29, 10am-12noon

While the impact of climate change becomes more apparent, companies, governments and individuals must take a greater responsibility in reducing their human impact upon the environment. With Panasonic, this event will explore how the heating and cooling industry is evolving and setting new trends and standards. Homeowners are increasingly looking for their homes to be more energy efficient and for a low carbon solution. Join us to consider why consumers are demanding more, and how air-to-water heat pumps are the answer.

Driving the decarbonisation of heat in the UK and ensuring a smooth transition to low carbon technologies, with Vaillant – Wednesday June 30, 10am-12noon

Vaillant’s event will cover three main topics:

  • There’s no silver bullet for de-carbonising heat: four pillars of heating
  • How Vaillant’s award winning heat pump - aroTHERM plus - is part of the solution
  • System design, low flow temps, and more

Wrapping up the event will be a panel discussion on assisting in the transition to low carbon technologies.

Ecodan residential heating; serious about sustainability, with Mitsubishi Electric – Tuesday July 6, 9.30-11.30am

Awareness of low carbon heating solutions is increasing rapidly and with the Committee for Climate Change (CCC) report identifying that in order to meet our de-carbonisation targets across GB "up to 2 million heat pumps by 2025, rising to 15 million by 2035" will need to be in service. To support these aims, Mitsubishi Electric will be hosting ‘Ecodan heating; serious about sustainability’. The event will seek to provide an insight into how air-source heat pumps are anticipated to play a crucial role in meeting Net Zero requirements whilst offering a cost-effective, simple solution.

The truth about radiators, with Jaga UK – Thursday July 8 – 11am-12noon & 2pm-3pm

Many specifiers and installers oversize radiators to compensate for lower water temperature systems, or specify underfloor heating as it seems to be the only other option. The future of heating is changing and Jaga UK’s event will explore how to match radiators to heat pump systems for the most effective, climate-friendly heating system. With two time slots to choose from, this brief 1-hour session will cover:

  • Which radiators work most effectively with heat pumps
  • How to get high outputs without oversizing
  • The heat pump compatible tech that turns radiators into heating and cooling units

Registration for all events is free and open now at:

Low Carbon Homes