Heat network operators urged to take advantage of funding


12 June 2023

Heat network technology provider, Evinox is sign-posting heat network operators to access the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) – which is the part of Government’s Net Zero Commitment 2050 – while the funding is available, warning of potential regulatory implications in the coming years. The regulations are predicted to include a minimum standard of efficiency well in excess of current network performance.

The HNES is a £32 million grant package which runs until 2025 o offering funds to applicants in the public, private, and third sector in England and Wales. The goal of the scheme is to fund improvements to district heating or communal heating systems that are currently inefficient or otherwise defective. It follows a successful pilot program which assisted 73 projects in finding cost-effective enhancement options in addition to delivering upgrades to 37 heat networks.

According to Evinox, most heat networks currently function at an average of between 30% and 40% efficiency which clearly demonstrates the need for significant improvements. By increasing the efficiency up to 65%, which Evinox says is readily achievable through some straightforward measures, the savings for a typical resident can be around £550 per annum and provide a reduction of 1,000kg of carbon emissions for each apartment.

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As a low-carbon method of heating multiple residences, heat networks are expected to go from providing 2% of the UK’s heat, to 18% by 2050. To progress towards this goal, heat network regulation is expected to come into effect in early 2024.

For more information and support with an application for HNES Funding contact at [email protected]