Development begins on closed loop geothermal technology


28 July 2022
From left, Jim McNicol (Calder), Richard Jenkins (CeraPhi Energy), Sean Greenow-Langford (Calder) and Iain Pittman (CeraPhi Energy)

The UK’s first end-to-end geothermal business says it is making significant advances with its proprietary closed loop technology - designed to generate clean thermal energy from deep below the earth's surface - as it appoints a leading British manufacturer for the build.

CeraPhi Energy, based in Great Yarmouth, has announced that pumping equipment specialist Calder has been awarded the contract to manufacture its first CeraPhiTru unit.  

The unit is designed to prove the commercial validity of energy from deep wells and how that energy is used. Initial designs for the CeraPhiTru unit were completed by Petrofac earlier this year, based on specifications provided by the CeraPhi Energy team. 

Calder has now been selected for the manufacturing of the unit, which will be carried out at the company’s workshop facilities in Worcester. 

Karl Farrow, founder and CEO at CeraPhi Energy, said: “We are delighted to have awarded Calder with the contract to manufacture our first unit which is a significant milestone in our 'go to market' phase and will enable us to prove up the thermal energy extraction on our projects and help companies to achieve their net zero targets.

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“Calder has a long track record of building quality equipment with a highly experienced team and this, coupled with their unrivalled technical knowhow, made the company a natural fit to enable us to drive our innovative solution to the next level.”

The CeraPhiTru unit works in conjunction with the company’s proprietary CeraPhiWell solution, a down hole heat exchanger which is designed to circulate proprietary working fluids moving the heat to the surface, where it is then processed into direct heat or power use before it is returned into the well.

Lee Watkins, managing director at Calder, said: “Calder has a long history of delivering quality bespoke pumping packages for a variety of applications, and our experience lends itself well to CeraPhi Energy’s closed loop solution.

“It is great to be working with the CeraPhi Energy team on this innovative solution, within the growing geothermal sector. We look forward to continuing to support them in their journey which is to help organisations to meet their net zero targets through the implementation of geothermal solutions.”

  • Geothermal is a form of renewable energy taken from heat derived from the earth’s subsurface and CeraPhi Energy’s Closed Loop Solution aims to make geothermal available everywhere and anywhere. It is viewed as one of the cleanest forms of energy and can be used both as a direct power source as well as for heating and cooling utilities.