Green spending commentary from Kensa Heat Pumps


09 February 2024

There has been speculation over the future of the Clean Heat Market Mechanism and Labour has stepped away from their £28bn green spending commitment. Paul Eveleigh, Managing Director of Kensa Heat Pumps, shares his thoughts on what this means for the industry.


Paul said: “Businesses need certainty and consistency from politicians across the board - this allows them to seek investment and drive job creation. Instead, we're seeing backtracking, watered-down policies and speculation about plans being pulled.

“Labour’s decision, which comes off the back of reports the Government plans to scrap key elements of its Clean Heat strategy, only raises questions about how committed either party is to delivering significant green economic growth.  

“The UK urgently needs to decarbonise homes and end the reliance on foreign gas imports. Doing this will give people the security they need over their bills, shelter them from future price rises, and improve the air they breathe.

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“Labour's plan should keep the country on track to deliver 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028, and it won’t immediately affect Kensa’s long-term ambitions to significantly increase our production and workforce. However, politicians must understand that a constant chipping away of business confidence in future green markets will reduce investment appetite and will harm green economic growth.”