Grant updates TechBox app


19 June 2019
air source heat pump installer engineer product manual
Grant UK has updated its TechBox app for heating engineers. Changes include a new layout, new features and additional functionality.
Grant UK launched TechBox almost five years ago, giving installers and heating engineers an electronic resource for all Grant product manuals, both current and archive. Users who download the updated app will now be able to select the content most relevant to them. The TechBox now invites users to select the product categories that they want to download. 
The content will also be more up to date than before. Previously, content changes were made when the app itself underwent an update on the stores. Now, Grant UK will be able to manage document updates directly through the app so the latest manual changes will be live on the TechBox more quickly. When a manual update is made, users will be notified via a number icon in ‘Settings’. They then simply need to navigate to ‘Manage’ and select ‘Update’ which will allow the TechBox to update all the changes within the product categories downloaded.
In addition, the TechBox has a new document search functionality and a ‘Favourites’ option. If there is a PDF download that an engineer refers to regularly, they can save it as a favourite which will allow them direct access to the file by clicking ‘Favourites’ in the app footer.
Amongst all of these new features, the principal purpose of the TechBox remains the same – to be an electronic hub of technical information supporting Grant’s products. All the manuals are available to download as PDFs, can be accessed while users are online or offline, and the current and archived documents are now much clearer to find. 
Paul Wakefield, Grant UK managing director, said: “Last year, we carried out some research amongst our G1 installer network to see what they liked about the TechBox app and which features they felt could be improved. We fed these comments into this latest update and we hope that installers and service engineers will find the TechBox even more user-friendly and useful when out on the road.”
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