Grant UK promotes biodiversity at Swindon HQ


24 April 2023

Grant UK has been focusing on biodiversity at its new Headquarters in Swindon, Wiltshire, where the Company has planted an abundance of bulbs and wildflowers as well as installing wildlife-friendly features throughout the site.


When we transformed our new premises last year, the Company made a commitment to select sustainably sourced materials throughout the redevelopment project. With the  team now settled in at the new Headquarters, attention has focused on the outside space to make the site’s outdoor areas as environmentally friendly as possible. To maximise the natural greenspaces at the head office, Grant UK has enhanced the biodiversity onsite with the first flourish of flowers now coming to life.


The first phase of the biodiversity programme commenced earlier this year with the planting of over 4,000 bulbs which have just started to bloom. Laurel, lavender and rhododendrons have been planted surrounding the patio areas where employees can sit and relax during their breaks. Laurel trees have also been planted elsewhere on the site to create additional pockets of nature and green areas amongst the urban spaces.


Compost bins have been made from recycled pallets and these will enable Grant UK to collect and compost the fallen leaves and cut grass from the site, compost which will then be used in the new growing season when fresh plants and bulbs are ready to be sewn. At the end of March, wildflower seeds were also planted and these will provide a natural haven for bees, butterflies and more when the flowers grow. Throughout next month, we will also be taking part in “No Mow May” allowing the grass areas on the site to grow, encouraging the daisies, dandelions and clover to flower which will boost pollination.

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“Making our Swindon Headquarters a great space to work meant creating engaging indoor spaces and inspiring outside areas,” comments Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing at Grant UK.


“By focusing on biodiversity, we have not only made some beautiful outdoor areas for our employees to enjoy but we have started an exciting programme which will make the site a wildlife-friendly place too. The extensive planting of flowers and trees as well as the installation of bird boxes, hedgehog runs and a bug hotel, have already transformed the outside space, and we have seen an increase in foxes, squirrels and hedgehogs.


“Moving forward, we will further invest in the area and as part of Grant Project Zero, our carbon reduction company-wide programme, Grant UK will continue to strive towards a more sustainable future in every aspect of the business.”


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