Grant prize giveaway


24 September 2018
More than 1,000 prizes have so far been sent out in Grant UK's biggest ever installer promotion.
The Big G1 Giveaway got underway in July, with prizes worth up to £400 on offer until the draw closes on 31 December. G1 Installers need to register an eligible product via the G1 Portal or G1 Click app to win a prize.
​Each month, the winners of the 50 top prizes are randomly selected from the G1 registrations submitted during that month, with the remaining entrants all receiving a runner-up gift. Every month, Grant UK is giving away 10 Kane 255 Analyser Kits, 10 Fill and Flush machine packs, and 30 Rhino 3m pipe carriers, plus thousands of runner-up gifts including tool sets and Kane pocket thermometers.

For more details, visit the ​Grant UK website.
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