Grant grows Wave cylinder range


15 May 2018
Grant UK is introducing new models to its Wave cylinder range. The addition of six new cylinders, along with a buffer and volumiser, will increase the choice of complementary products available for its heat pumps and boilers.
The 50ltr buffer tank, which allows for different configurations of the flow and return to and from the heat source and system, maintains a constant flow rate from the boiler or heat pump helping to maximise its efficiency. It also includes a 3kW back-up immersion element and ‘dry’ thermostat pocket.
Meanwhile, the 30ltr volumiser is designed for use when the volume on any zone within a system is below the minimum required for the correct operation of the heat source. The volumiser unit ensures that an inverter type heat pump, for example, can accurately balance the modulation functions of the fan, compressors and circulating pump, reducing the risk of faults and start/stop cycles.
Grant’s High Performance fast recovery cylinder range is also welcoming new models which incorporate a buffer tank. Three of these new units, available in 200ltr, 250ltr and 300ltr variants, combine the cylinder with the 50ltr buffer tank at their base, reducing the need for separate tanks and reducing the overall footprint required. They are designed as replacement cylinders, especially when installing a heat pump into a system where a zone volume is lower than the required level.
A further three pre-plumbed cylinders are also joining the range. These models, which include the 200ltr, 250ltr and 300ltr cylinders with the combined 50ltr buffer tank, are pre-plumbed and include a domestic hot water zone valve, two space heat zone valves, a wiring centre, dual thermostat, mains water inlet group and tundish. All the cylinders come with a 3kW immersion with an additional back-up immersion element fitted to the buffer.
The range has been designed to complement both oil and renewable heat sources. While the cylinders specifically match Grant’s Aerona³ air source heat pumps, they are also compatible with and complement other heating products including the award-winning Vortex and VortexBlue oil boilers.
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