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17 October 2018
The Solo CompactMax from Grant UK
The Aerona³ range from Grant UK
The Grant Solo hydronic fan convector range provides flexibility for those situations where a heat pump is being retrofitted into an existing building, says Anna Wakefield, marketing and corporate communications manager at Grant UK.

​Efficiency combined with the environmental benefits associated with renewable technologies means that heat pumps are proving to be the right choice in many properties, especially as complementary heating products, such as fan convectors, can be matched with them to create a warm and efficient internal environment without the need to install oversized radiators or lay underfloor heating. 
This autumn, Grant is adding Solo fan convectors to their growing product portfolio, further increasing the range of heating solutions the brand can offer to consumers. 

Solo fan convectors are significantly smaller than a conventional radiator for the same output and around a third of the weight. Consequently, their installation can be completed single handedly enabling other engineers on site to work elsewhere on the heating system, reducing overall installation time and cost. In addition, due to their low water content, they heat up and cool down rapidly giving homeowners better control over individual room temperatures.

Working together
While the fan convectors are designed to emit heat quickly, their surface temperature always remains low regardless of the water temperature which makes these units safer, especially for children and the elderly. The range also gives homeowners precise control when setting the temperature.

The Solo range is ideal for use with heat pumps as the fan convectors can operate well at low water temperatures. One of the primary design objectives was for the Solo fan convectors to partner effectively with this renewable technology. The fan convectors enable a constant flow to be sustained through the system which greatly assists the correct operation of heat pumps. When installing a Grant air source heat pump, householders and installers alike should also consider the Solo fan convector range because the two technologies are designed to work together to deliver improved efficiencies throughout the entire heating system. 

MCS approved, the Aerona³ is Grant UK’s third generation inverter driven air to water heat pump with an impressive ErP rating of A++.  The Aerona³ produces a consistent heat output while being compact in size. Comprising of outputs from 6kW to 16kW, the unit combines clever design features such as weather compensation controls and a base tray heating element to stop ice formation in cold weather conditions. Heat pumps also provide choice for homeowners in off gas areas where space is at a premium too.

Green solutions
As with all Grant products, Aerona³ heat pumps are geared towards easy installation and maintenance for both installers and end users. The units have a superior Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) even when external temperatures drop as low -20°C. The SCOP is the overall performance of the heat pump when used in a designated heating season (warm, average or cold), calculated as the reference annual heating demand divided by the annual energy consumed. 

The output from the Aerona³ will modulate down or up depending on the climate conditions and the demand on the heating system, giving the homeowner peace of mind that their heat pump is working as efficiently as possible every day of the year.

A series of useful accessories are available, which can be purchased separately or part of a convenient heat pump pack. Sealed system kits are available to suit all Aerona³ heat pump models in 3 sizes: 12ltr, 18ltr and 50ltr. A Flexi-foot kit is also available for mounting the heat pump, raising it off the ground. A through-wall insulation kit provides a heavy duty 22 to 28mm flexi hose specifically designed for the Aerona³. 

Both the Aerona³ and Solo come with a 5-year guarantee, meaning these products are offering the market yet more reliable green thinking solutions for domestic home heating.  

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