Geothermique launches new MMSP monitor


09 April 2018
Renewable energy specialist Geothermique has launched a new energy monitoring system which it says is compatible with most air source and ground source heat pumps.

The MMSP monitor is designed and manufactured by Geothermique and is approved by Ofgem.
The standard monitor connects to:
  • 1 Sontex MBUS enabled heat meter calculator
  • 3 Pulse output electricity meters
  • 1 Outdoor temperature sensor
  • 1 Indoor temperature sensor
  • 1 Brine flow and brine return sensor
  • 1 Hot water flow temperature sensor or a 3-port valve electrical connection
  • 1 Ethernet network

The monitor also contains two internal heat meters. These are not MID certified but are accurate to MID class 3 and can be used for general monitoring where compliance with Ofgem's MMSP specifications is not required.
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