GEA lifts temperature to 95°C


19 October 2021

GEA says its RedGenium low-charge ammonia heat pump, combined with the new GEA Grasso V XHP reciprocating compressor, is capable of delivering temperatures of 95°C at the best efficiency. 

In addition to the temperature increase, the largest V XHP compressor also offers almost double the capacity of previous models.

The Red Genium is designed for processes with high heat load requirements, including applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. The temperature level also meets the criteria for space heating, district and local heating networks. 

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Kai Becker, CEO of GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies, said: “Heat accounts for more than half of the global total final energy consumption. Despite best efforts, today it is still mainly produced using fossil fuels. If we are to limit global warming to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels, we need a real game changer. When it comes to decarbonising heat, heat pump technology with its proven track record is just that. Using heat pumps to cool our warming planet makes a lot of sense.”

The new GEA Grasso V XHP reciprocating compressor series has been developed by GEA's piston factory in The Netherlands). It includes four models, available from 2022.