Flexenergy pipes for Hinkley Point 'village'


21 August 2018
Flexenergy specialist prefabrication expertise has played a key role in a modular village providing a hotel-style living environment for workers at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station site.
The company has manufactured bespoke pipe components for heating and hot water distribution systems for the 44 blocks of accommodation, with ensuite bedrooms, housing almost 1,500 workers on the Hinkley Point C construction site in Somerset. ​
For Flexenergy, the project involved providing coiled pipe and prefabricated sections to connect air source heat pumps to the accommodation blocks on the two sites, supplying 110 ‘U’ shaped and 16 ‘L’ shaped fabrications as well as 400 metres of pipe. The sections were assembled and tested before being shipped in batches in line with construction schedules.
Flexenergy’s Sales Director, Sandy Fairley, said: “This has been a significant project, underlining our capabilities for bespoke prefabrication, in this case linked to the provision of heating and hot water to the modular accommodation blocks. The ease of installation, coupled with the pipe’s high thermal efficiency and recyclability, made for an attractive and flexible proposition for the contractors.” 
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