FEIN's new cordless range 'better than ever'


05 September 2017
Representing the best of German engineering, power tool manufacturer FEIN has revamped its entire range of 12V and 18V drill/drivers and impact wrench/drivers for greater precision and power.

One of the biggest improvements to the cordless 12V and 18V drill/driver range is the addition of detachable heads to switch rapidly between drilling, tapping and screw driving applications with the FEIN QuickIN interface. In addition, the new accessories improve precision as the tapping adapter prevents the thread drill from slipping.
Another big development is the launch of FEIN MultiVolt alongside the new cordless range. FEIN MultiVolt helps tradespeople work for longer by enabling 18V tools to be operated with any FEIN lithium-ion battery between 12V and 18V – they’re also compatible with older batteries with a lower capacity. So far, the FEIN MultiVolt interface has been fitted to selected drill/drivers, impact wrench/drivers, nibblers, sheet metal shears and the FEIN SuperCut.

FEIN’s top model of the new range of tools is the ASCM 18 QM drill/driver. As FEIN’s most powerful drill/driver to date, the ASCM 18 QM has sufficient torque and speed to drill up to 25mm holes in metal using a carbide hole saw. It also features FEIN’s 4-speed gearbox to deliver cutting speeds from 400rpm to 3,850rpm and a brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor, which is over 30 per cent more efficient than a DC motor. What’s more, the motor is totally encapsulated, protecting it and the electronics from even the finest of metal dusts.

The range also includes the only 4-speed 12V drill/driver available in the UK the ASCM 12 QC and impact wrench/drivers that achieve torque levels up to 290Nm – ideal for screw sizes from M5 all the way to M18. Furthermore, not only are the torque levels adjustable with six settings on the new impact wrench/drivers, they will also achieve 10 per cent more torque in reverse running to aid the loosening of extremely tight fittings.

Dan Wood, Marketing Executive at FEIN, commented: “When working with metal it’s all about using the correct amount of speed and power to complete jobs quickly and with precision. This is exactly how we’ve gone about improving our range to deliver the best performance. We’ve also wanted to improve the flexibility we offer to the end users by letting them make their own choices about exactly what they want in their kits through FEIN Select and FEIN MultiVolt, which make it much more cost efficient to expand a current tool collection or build a new one.”

The full new range of power tools includes 10 new and improved drill/drivers and impact wrench/drivers in 12V and 18V versions and are part of the FEIN Select range, so can be ordered as body-only tools or in sets with batteries and accessories. What’s more, all of FEIN’s tools have been tested extensively to offer outstanding durability and qualify for the three-year FEIN PLUS warranty if registered within six weeks of purchase, which covers the machines, batteries and chargers.

To find your nearest dealer or to find out more information about FEIN, please visit www.fein-uk.co.uk
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