Energy efficiency essential to combating 350% rise in costs


19 June 2023

With communal heating recipients facing price increases of as much as 350% according to a report from the Guardian, heat network specialist Evinox is urging operators to maximise energy efficiency to help mitigate skyrocketing costs.


Residents in private and council flats that receive their heating via heat networks are currently experiencing a delayed impact of the cost-of-living crisis due to the energy used in this type of system usually being bought far in advance. According to that same Guardian report, residents have seen their heating tariff rise from 2p per kWh to 22p per kWh – a 1,000% increase.

Helen Näslund, Sales Director at Evinox at Evinox said: “Energy price rises in the past year or so have been difficult for many, but most of us were able to access the UK Government’s £400 heating allowance. Unfortunately, this scheme has now ended and the energy price cap – which was introduced in 2019 – does not apply to people on heat networks. This means that some of the most financially vulnerable people in the country will be slammed with the highest heating bills.”

It is currently estimated that most heat networks in Britain function at around 30-40% efficiency, meaning most of the energy paid for is wasted. Leading heat network technology provider, Evinox is urging heat network operators to act now to improve efficiency. Without significant improvements, many residents who rely on heat networks – some of whom may be low-income families – will simply be unable to pay their bills.

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Taking a holistic approach, Evinox can help heat network operators simplify the process of raising heat network efficiency. This includes plant room improvements, smart heat interface units (HIUs), retrofit solutions for existing HIU installations, billing audits and insulation inspections.

Helen continued: “As things stand, finding the money to pay eye-watering energy bills will quickly become impossible for many heat network operators. However, if efficiency increases from 30% to 70%, which is not an unreasonable jump, the savings involved could mean that residents won’t have to make the horrible choice between heating and eating.

“Funding is available through the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) and Evinox has 20 years of expertise in heat network consulting and technology, so help is available. With the most advanced tech available, heat network operators can now use data analytics alongside traditional energy saving measures to significantly reduce the cost of utilities for residents.”

By partnering with Evinox, operators can find out how to boost their efficiency without compromising on the network’s performance, keeping residents comfortable and making their heat affordable.

For more information and support with heat network efficiency and assistance applying for HNES Funding contact at [email protected]