Delight at commissioning extension


18 August 2020
Bean Beanland

The Heat Pump Federation (HPF) and sister industry body the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA)  have expressed their delight that the Government has acknowledged the need for a six-month commissioning extension of the non-domestic RHI scheme, in order to rectify the damage to the sector caused by Covid-19.  

Bean Beanland, Director of Growth & External Affairs at the HPF, said: “Whilst the details are yet to be worked through, the potential for applicants to obtain a six-month commissioning extension beyond 31st March 2021 is very positive and should allow a significant number of heat pump projects, put on hold given the uncertain future of the RHI,  to be brought back to life.

"The additional six months will also provide time for the heat pump industry to react to the content of the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Heat & Buildings Strategy that is due to be published in the autumn. This, together with the outputs from the new BEIS Electrification of Heat Task Group, should provide the basis for a long-term strategic approach to the provision of decarbonised heating and cooling.” 

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“The HPF and GSHPA are committed to working constructively with Government to deliver the lowest emissions heating and cooling solutions for all non-domestic buildings. We wish to work closely with Government to refine the mechanism for investing the £1bn fund into the decarbonisation of public buildings, as part of the COVID-19 green recovery. If the investment window for this fund can be set to reasonably reflect existing public procurement processes and the time taken to position, sell and build-out high quality heat pump projects, the value to the taxpayer, in pursuit of Net Zero 2050, could be tremendous.”

Members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association are primarily system designers, contractors and installers.  The Heat Pump Federation was formed earlier this year to represent a broader heat pump industry coalition (contractors/installers and industry manufacturers) and, notably, to engage with the user community. Business members include Centrica Business Solutions and Octopus Energy.

It is  accepted by organisations such as the Committee on Climate Change, the National Infrastructure Commission and National Grid that a significant increase in the deployment of heat pumps will be required over the next 10-15 years if the UK is to reach Net Zero by 2050.