05 August 2016
Daikin has been named the best air conditioning manufacturer to work for and the manufacturer that offers the best products by Thornhvac’s latest industry survey. 

​Analysing the views of HVAC engineers, the regular survey, conducted by recruitment specialists Thornhvac, aims to inform and provide ongoing insight into the specialist sector. 

​Producing enlightening results surrounding the reputation of air conditioning manufacturers, engineers were asked which company they believe is the best to work with or for. More than a third of those surveyed (34%) chose Daikin as the perceived best manufacturer to work for. Delving deeper into what makes the best HVAC employer, there were several important influencing factors identified.

​For example, a majority of 78% believed that the best companies to work for were those with the best products. Also noted to be of great significance was good service and technical support, followed closely by a strong brand presence with 51% of respondents’ vote.

Surveying the sales engineers of more than 20 specialist air conditioning companies, the survey also provided an interesting insight into what installers expect and value from product manufacturers.

When considering what the engineer community value most, more than 80 per cent stated that the quality of a manufacturer’s product is the most influencing factor. In addition, product innovation and energy efficiency were also considered leading factors, both receiving more than 50% of respondents’ vote.

Consequently, when considering which air conditioning manufacturer offers the best products, Daikin came in first place – with 35% of those surveyed preferring Daikin products.

Martin Krutz, Managing Director of Daikin UK said, 
​“We’re delighted that the ongoing product innovation and technical support we offer has been recognised by the engineers of the UK air conditioning sector.
“An extremely positive year for Daikin, 2015 saw the launch of the VRV I and S-series. Providing installers with a product for every application – from small and compact units to systems installed entirely indoors, Daikin’s product innovation is leading the way for the industry.
“Looking forward, we aim to continue with this ethos, as demonstrated by the recent launch of the UK’s first commercial R32 air conditioning range and the on-going success of our technical support teams.”
For more information on Daikin UK please visit www.daikin.co.uk and follow @DaikinUK on Twitter.
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