Daikin rallies over 100 signatories to advocate for low carbon heating policies


04 July 2024

Daikin, has secured support from over 100 businesses and individuals in the Heating, Cooling and Ventilation industry, for its open letter pressing political leaders and candidates to establish clear policies on domestic low carbon heating, provide incentives for adopting these solutions, and increase investment in related training programs.


Alongside the open letter, Daikin introduced its own manifesto urging political parties to assist the UK in achieving its legally binding 2050 net zero climate target. This initiative coincides with Daikin’s recent research involving 2,000 British adults, which underscores significant public dissatisfaction with political inaction on environmental issues.


Key Findings from Daikin’s Research:

  • Public Frustration with Political Inaction: 66% of respondents feel politicians are failing future generations by neglecting green issues.
  • Demand for Government Solutions: 78% believe the Government isn’t doing enough to introduce energy-efficient solutions like heat pumps. Moreover, 76% of Brits want to make their homes more energy-efficient but are deterred by high material costs (57%), expensive installation (42%), and insufficient government subsidies (28%).
  • Barriers to Greener Homes: 86% of participants urge the government to do more to promote home insulation and low-carbon heating systems.
  • Scepticism About Net Zero Goals: Although climate change ranks third in national priorities, only 23% believe the UK will meet its 2050 net zero target, and 78% feel the government isn’t promoting energy-efficient solutions adequately.


Daikin’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovative heating and cooling solutions positions it as a crucial advocate in the conversation about the UK's environmental future. With backing from over 100 businesses and individuals, Daikin is further urging the next UK Government to implement real action on climate change.


National Residential Business Manager of Daikin, Simon Chapman, says: "By not taking immediate, robust action to support households with the transition to low-carbon heating solutions, we are missing a critical opportunity to significantly reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by a substantial 14%.  Any lack of decisive action will put the UK’s commitment to achieve net zero by 2050 at serious risk."

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To address these challenges, Daikin recommends several measures:

  • Ensuring all new homes built annually are zero-carbon by 2025.
  • Supporting and incentivising landlords and homeowners to improve energy efficiency, thereby reducing heating costs and environmental impact.
  • Providing stronger financial support for low-carbon heating solutions like heat pumps.


Simon adds: “These steps are crucial for creating a sustainable future and making meaningful progress toward our climate goals.”


Daikin would urge individuals and businesses to show their support for a cleaner and greener future, to sign the open letter. For more information, please contact [email protected] 


For the full manifesto from Daikin, and to support the Open Letter, please visit:  www.daikin.co.uk/en_gb/residential/about-us/low-carbon-heating-manifesto.html