Daikin launches new hot water heat pump


01 July 2021
The Altherma M HW can be installed alongside other household appliances

Daikin Europe has launched its second generation domestic hot water heat pump.

With a storage tank of 200 or 260ltrs, Daikin says the system is suited for small houses or apartments, where domestic hot water is needed for up to four people.

The Altherma M HW is a renewable solution that uses electricity, air and, if needed, solar energy. Only 25 per cent of the system’s energy demand comes from electricity, with an A+ energy label on all models. All models offer energy use optimisation from photovoltaic solar and one dedicated model also integrates thermal solar control.

Operating modes

The system has five  operating modes, with each using energy differently depending on the needs of its users. 

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  1. Renewable energy only: only works in heat pump mode.
  2. Renewable energy as the preferred option: heat pump mode by default. The additional heater turns on as a support only if tank temperature increase is too slow.
  3. Combined use of renewable and electrical energy: simultaneous operations as heat pump and with the additional heater. Setpoint can be up to 75°C.
  4. Electrical energy only: only works with additional heater. Setpoint can be up to 75°C.
  5. Air recirculation only: only works in ventilation mode. The heat pump and additional heater are off. 

Patrick Crombez of Daikin Europe said: “With all its features, Daikin Altherma M HW can heat water for all types of needs. The five operating modes make this heat pump a consistent choice to answer the domestic hot water needs of every family. Moreover, features such as anti-legionella control, scheduled or off-peak operations and holiday mode make it the perfect heat pump if you don’t especially need or want to invest in space heating.”

Daikin Europe