Creating a net zero workforce: Green skills partnership


17 July 2023

Eco-heating and cooling technology brand Daikin UK has partnered with Quantum Group, a provider of renewables and decarbonisation training, to roll out to approximately 150 further education colleges that offer built environment study programmes. This innovative partnership is the first of its kind in the UK.


The UK is facing a major challenge to fill the green skills gaps needed to meet the Government’s ambitious target of net zero by 2050 and its aim to have 600,000 heat pumps installed each year by 2028 - with more than 200,000 people needing training for green energy roles by 2050.


It is estimated there are only 3,000 trained heat pump engineers in the UK – yet at least 27,000 will be needed in the next six years alone.


To upskill heating professionals and help close the green skills gap, Daikin UK and Quantum have partnered to address the challenge from two perspectives, attracting more young people to the low-carbon installation industry and offering renewable training solutions to bridge the gap between theory and hands on practice.


The Renewable Training Facilities and state-of-the-art equipment offers learners hands-on, practical exposure to renewable energy and low carbon technologies including air source heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV, EV charging and battery energy storage.


The partnership aims to train hundreds of heat pump installers a year through these Renewable Training Facilities.

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Martin Passingham, Product and Training Manager at Daikin UK commented: “Demand for heat pumps is growing rapidly thanks to the impending ban on gas boilers in new homes and government incentives to upgrade to low carbon heating. It’s never been more important for heating installers to upskill and ensure that they are prepared for the future. Our partnership with Quantum makes it easier than ever to do exactly that.


There is a real need for highly trained professionals and skilled installers that are up to the challenge of supporting this renewables revolution. Working with an installer accredited by our Renewable Training Facilities will give homeowners the reassurance to make the vital transition to heat pumps and play their part in the country’s journey to net zero.”


“This innovative partnership underlines Daikin’s commitment to playing a leading role in decarbonising the UK’s domestic and commercial heating.”


Maria Gonella, Managing Partner at the Quantum Group, said: “This collaboration is a significant step towards addressing the UK’s green skills gap and accelerating the growth of a net zero workforce.


“Together, we hope to truly transform the renewable training industry at grassroots level to ensure our nation’s path to a sustainable future is led by the workforce of the future. As a leading light on the renewables revolution, Daikin UK is putting its money where its mouth is through this partnership and taking a positive, practical step to address the green skills gap.”


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