Panasonic launches Aquarea Designer


12 October 2021

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has introduced the Aquarea Designer online tool for heating and cooling designers, architects, design offices, installers and distributors.

The design tool is optimised to help professionals identify the most appropriate Aquarea air-to-water heat pump for a particular application, to calculate the savings compared to other heat sources and calculate CO₂ emissions quickly.

The tool is accessible through Panasonic’s PRO Club and does not require any software downloads. It has undergone major developments resulting in a straightforward navigation interface, with easily identifiable tabs to help steer users where they need to go. It also includes a detailed ‘user guide’ for additional support if necessary. 

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Panasonic’s bespoke programme helps to design and size an Aquarea heat pump system, allowing users to identify the correct application at the simple click of a button. Users can compare investment and operational costs compared to other heat sources. It also calculates the savings and calculates CO₂ emissions. The system can produce a design report which includes product web links for heat pumps and DHW tanks and can be individually selected to include the following information: operational costs, investment costs, detailed product information, and ErP label.

Aquarea Designer will calculate the project's energy costs in terms of domestic hot water, heating and cooling demand. It will furthermore show the total heat consumption by operation mode and the calculated SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance). It then allows the designer to show clients a comparison with other equipment options such as heating by conventional gas-fired boilers, oil fuel systems, pellets and standard electric heating.

For more information, click here or register for ProClub.