Condensate Pro: Do not Ignore the Insulation!


24 May 2022

“Do not ignore the insulation!”


Condensate Pro is reminding heat pump installers to make sure the external pipework associated with air source heat pumps is sufficiently and professionally insulated. The company, which is passionate about not only protecting heating systems and eliminating call backs for installers and heating manufacturers but also making sure the heat pump and system is working to its maximum efficiency, has issued the reminder as heat pumps installations look to sky rocket in 2022.


“Unlike traditional gas condensing boilers, heat pumps are not forgiving in any way. Making sure the efficiency of a heat pump installation is the best it can be relies on the survey, design, specification, installation, commissioning, customer handover as well as service and maintenance,” explains Dave Smith, Managing Director of Condensate Pro. 

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“Insulation is one small but very important part of this equation, from the very beginning to all through the life of the heat pump installation. It is especially vital that the outside pipework insulation is right for the job and joints, gaps and holes are sealed so that very little heat or energy is lost. It also has to look professional on a customer’s property, not just at initial installation but forever.”


Sealing joints and the holes through the fabric of the wall where the insulation enters into the building is as important as the insulation itself.