Comment from Mitsubishi Electric on Government's “Powering Up Britain” report


04 April 2023

Russell Dean, Head of Residential Product Group Director at Mitsubishi Electric shares his response to the “Powering Up Britain” report announced by the government.

Russell Dean, Head of Residential Heating at Mitsubishi Electric says: “The Powering Up Britain report, released today, fills in some of the blanks that we felt were missing from the Chancellor’s Budget a couple of weeks ago.

“We’re particularly pleased to see an extension to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) until 2028 and the launch of a £30m Heat Pump Investment Accelerator. Both of which are proof positive that the government is taking the necessary decarbonisation of home heating seriously.

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“The BUS drew criticism earlier in the year for its “disappointingly low” take up. While an extension is gratefully received, it must be accompanied by a concerted effort between the industry and government to help citizens understand how to take-up these grants and realise what other support is available to help insulate the fabric of their homes which is crucial to reducing energy use.

“What’s more, decoupling electricity and gas prices will encourage electrification, a move to more renewable forms of heating such as heat pumps, decarbonisation and achieving net zero.

“At the same time, while spurring demand for renewable heating products, we need to make sure we have the installers to actually fit them. Nesta estimated last year that we’d need an additional 27,000 more to reach the government’s ambitious target of 600,000 annual heat pumps by 2028. Without this supply-side push, this target is in jeopardy.”