Calorex appoints Jeremy Neale as Technical Sales Engineer


05 September 2015
Air source and ground source heat pumps and dehumidifier manufacturer, Calorex named its new Technical Sales Engineer, Jeremy Neale, this week.
Neale joined the Calorex team from Smith Flow Control where he was an internal sales engineer. Jeremy brings his mechanical engineering experience and design skills to the company's technical sales team. He will work mainly on de-humidification solutions for Calorex customers.  A big focus for him will be making customers aware of how much they can save and lower their energy usage using de-humidification for drying.

For example, a typical Calroex de-humidifier will convert 2.5 units of usable heat from every unit of energy it consumes, which shows potential for large energy savings. 

He stated:
“I am quickly learning the almost endless new uses people have for Calorex equipment; from keeping their classic cars in mint condition, all the way through to drying seaweed.”
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