Building a smarter future


12 August 2020
Etopia and Samsung hope to create a blueprint for new homes Etopia and Samsung hope to create a blueprint for new homes

Samsung Climate Solutions and smart home developer Etopia plan to deliver 6,000 smart energy-efficient homes in the UK over the next five years.

Etopia aims to combine energy, construction and intelligent technologies to build some of the world’s highest performing buildings, with eco homes at the UK pilot scheme in Corby, Northamptonshire, tested achieving an average of 103/100 EPC rating, beyond an A*.

The Samsung TDM Plus system combines a high-efficiency air-to-water heat pump with an air conditioning system, with a single solution providing heating, cooling and hot water.

The outdoor unit is connected to an indoor ‘hydro unit’ to convert energy from refrigerant to hydraulics as do others, but uniquely the product can also connect up to five indoor air conditioning units, including the newly-launched Wind-Free Deluxe high-wall mounted, ducted or floor-console units to suit the project. 

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Meaningful innovation
Output capacities on the outdoor units range from 4.4kW up to 16kW to suit a range of property types, with the indoor units offered in a range from 1.5kW up to 9kW. The Climatehub hydro unit combines the major system components in a packaged, appliance-style unit available in 200 and 260Ltr hot water storage capacities to suit occupancy.

Control of the indoor units can be via an LCD controller or individual wireless remote controllers. The system features on-board energy monitoring functions and optional Wi-Fi control using Samsung’s SmartThings home automation platform.

Project Etopia CEO and founder Joseph Daniels said: “We have pioneered technologies across the construction, energy and IoT industries to create the blueprint for the homes of the future, as we recognise that the climate change fight will need support from all sectors, and Samsung partnering with Etopia shows that big tech is taking the fight seriously and I for one am extremely delighted to be partnered with one of the world's leading technology company to increase our efforts.”

Francis Chun, President and CEO, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, said: “At Samsung, we believe that innovation is only truly meaningful if it enables people to make progress in their lives. Across everything we do, our efforts aim to be in harmony with our planet, and this partnership sets out to do exactly that. We are proud to be taking a step into this field and are delighted to be working with Etopia to help build a better future.”