British Gas launches UK’s lowest heat pump rate


01 July 2024

British Gas has launched the UK’s lowest heat pump rate to make low carbon technology more affordable and encourage heat pump uptake.

The new energy offering is available to all British Gas energy customers that purchase any air source heat pump from British Gas and aims to help drive the adoption of heat pumps in the country. They are providing a unit rate of just 14p/kWh for the electricity used to run the heat pump for the first year. Households could save up to £450 for one year by switching to a heat pump, making use of the new rate and capping their gas meter, compared to heating a home with a D-rated gas boiler. The savings from the new rate will automatically be credited to customers’ energy bills each month. The move tackles the ongoing running costs of heat pumps making them a more affordable option for home heating and cutting carbon emissions. British Gas also offers a range of payment options including two years interest free credit.   

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