Brighton’s only construction training centre earns a ‘Good’ Ofsted report


12 March 2024

Tungsten Training Centre's recent 'Good' Ofsted report goes beyond institutional acclaim; it reflects a deep commitment to fostering excellence and student success in vocational education across three apprenticeship standards: Installation and Maintenance Electrician, Plumbing and Heating and Gas Engineering. 


This achievement is a testament to the institution's core mission of nurturing highly skilled professionals within the building services sector. Ofsted reported, “Apprentices value their learning and recognise how their training is critical for their chosen careers.” At Tungsten, the care of their apprentices is paramount, and their progression within the chosen sector has incurred “an industrious attitude to learning”.

Tungsten has successfully built “an ambitious curriculum” that surrounds education quality, student behaviour, personal development, leadership, and management. Learners at Tungsten Training Centre benefit from a conducive learning environment marked by respect, professionalism, and safety consciousness, with a syllabus designed to meet the demands of local employers and equip apprentices with industry-relevant skills. “Employers value the interactions with the provider,” conveying the institution's commitment to continuous communication and improvement. The quality of learning experiences is actively enhanced by the support and knowledge provided by tutors who strive to “adapt learning to meet individual needs…to overcome barriers and challenges.” Pedagogical approaches are utilised to ensure that all apprentices are presented with the most refined training.

"What sets Tungsten Training Centre apart is its industry-focused training approach, prioritisation of holistic student development, and strong partnerships with local employers," says Managing Director Dayna Barlow. "The centre prepares learners for successful careers through apprenticeships in highly regulated sectors like installation and maintenance electricians, plumbing and heating technicians, and gas engineering operations."

The apprenticeships offered by the centre are bespoke and provide learners with fantastic opportunities that can escalate their careers within the construction industry. Whether apprentices are learning the skills for the electrical, plumbing, or gas engineering provision, apprentices are safely taught how to apply their knowledge and skills appropriately within the workplace. For example, “apprentices studying electrical installations learn the fundamental principles of working safely and the use of hand tools to wire basic circuits before completing more challenging tasks such as fault finding and testing and inspecting their work prior to making it live. Apprentices develop the specialist skills required within the building services sectors.” Ofsted has recognised how the centre’s operations are most suitable and adequate for apprentices who are committed to the progression of their careers.

As Tungsten Training Centre celebrates its ‘Good’ Ofsted report, they also look ahead with purpose and determination. The institution remains steadfast in empowering apprentices with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in dynamic work environments. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving industry landscapes, the role of vocational education providers like Tungsten Training Centre cannot be overstated. As they adapt to changing needs and embrace innovation, they pave the way for a new generation of skilled professionals poised to make meaningful contributions to society.

"Receiving a 'Good' rating from Ofsted underscores our commitment to excellence and student success," says Dayna Barlow. "We are dedicated to providing high-quality vocational education and preparing our learners for rewarding careers in the building services sector."

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