'Best-ever' threadlocking adhesives


09 May 2017
​More than 50 years ago, LOCTITE® introduced the world’s first anaerobic threadlocking adhesive. Despite the maturity of the technology, it has been continually developed to provide new benefits and the company now says that its latest generation threadlockers are the ‘best-ever’.
Henkel’s LOCTITE® threadlocking adhesives prevent self-loosening and secure any threaded fastener against vibration and shock loads.  Many are easy-flowing liquids which completely fill the gaps between mating threads. When used to assemble threaded fasteners, LOCTITE® threadlockers permanently secure assemblies and eliminate fretting corrosion.

Two of the most popular products in this range – LOCTITE® 270 and 243 - exemplify the advances that have recently been made. LOCTITE® 270 is a high strength adhesive, ideal for permanent locking of assemblies that do not require regular disassembly for maintenance.  Its medium strength counterpart – LOCTITE® 243 – is formulated to allow disassembly with hand tools for servicing.

The latest formulations of both these products provide higher performance on various metals, even without the use of an activator.  So, they are equally effective on iron, copper, brass and steel as well as on passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium and plated surfaces.

Their temperature resistance has also been increased to 180°C, from 150°C, extending the products’ scope of application; superior heat ageing resistance has also been improved. Whilst degreasing the parts will always give the strongest joint, another important development is their tolerance to oil residue on the parts to be locked.  This means they are ideal for use in the industrial environment where it is often difficult to remove all contamination.

For further information on the entire LOCTITE® threadlocking range, go to www.loctite.co.uk
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