Beijer Ref Buys HRP


18 November 2015
Beijer Ref, the Swedish owners of Dean & Wood in the UK, announced today that it has bought British heat pump and refrigeration wholesaler HRP.

Beijer Ref already owns 44% of the HRP shares, which it bought in 2009 when it purchased Carrier Corporation's refrigeration wholesale business in Europe and South Africa in 2009. 
​HRP's existing 15 branches across the UK will work alongside and complement the Dean & Wood and RW Refrigeration Wholesale business. HRP carries about 10,000 products in its range from brands including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Samsung, Toshiba, Danfoss, Copeland, Lawton, BOC, Aspera and L'Unite. 

HRP has found it difficult to make consistent profits in the UK on its £37.7 million (SEK 500 million) turnover. However, Beijer Ref sees opportunities to make use of its existing logistical operations in the UK to make HRP profitable.

Beijer Ref CEO, Per Bertland said:
“With the acquisition of HRP, we consolidate Beijer Ref’s operation in the important UK market. The three companies will continue to operate under their respective brands. However, through the joint group affiliation, we will be able to offer even better service and more efficient logistics, which improves our total offer in a competitive market.”
Yvonne Curtis, an HRP shareholder and the wife of Kingsley Curtis who passed away in September 2015, said:
“The Board of HRP believes that becoming full members of the Beijer Ref team in the UK represents the best opportunity for the future development of HRP. With the skills and resources of a larger group behind us we will be better placed to address the new markets opening up in our business.”
​Buying HRP makes Beijer Ref the market leader in the UK with around £98 million in annual sales from its three businesses in the country. The UK is the company's second biggest European market after France. The agreement was signed on 18th November 2015 and comes into effect on 1st January 2016. 
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