Beijer Ref All Clear Over HRP


24 June 2016
​The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) gave Beijer Ref the go-ahead to continue restructuring the air conditioning and refrigeration wholesaler HRP.

Beijer Ref bought the struggling HRP outright in February 2016, having made the announcement in November 2015.

​Beijer Ref began a program to bring the company back to profitability. The CMA put Beijer Ref's plans on hold earlier this year amid concerns that buying HRP would be anti-competitive for the air conditioning and refrigeration market.

​n January, Beijer Ref UK & Ireland MD, John Billson, was confident that the CMA would clear them to continue getting HRP into shape and that the authority would find no reasons for concern.

​John commented on the CMA decision today:

​"We were highly confident that the acquisition of HRP would not reduce competition and are satisfied that the CMA has recognised this. My team and I can now get on and develop the HRP, 3D and HRP OEM brands".
He continued:
​​"I would like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers, customers and employees for their understanding and support during this proces
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