BEAMA writes to the Prime Minister and DESNZ Ministers


20 September 2023

BEAMA has written this morning to the Prime Minister and DESNZ Ministers in response to public comments made by the Government on major changes to critical Net Zero policies.


Citing the interests of our members, householders and the environment, the UK’s electrotechnical industry trade association has made it clear that delaying progress to Net Zero will be damaging.


In a further comment, BEAMA CEO Yselkla Farmer said: “Investors need certainty and commitment from Government. UK Net Zero targets represent a huge opportunity for employment and inward investment in the UK energy sector (see 2022 Net Zero Supply Chain report), and this is only possible with ambition. The automotive industry and associated infrastructure providers have already brought forward significant investments to meet the 2030 targets and this is ensuring the UK takes a leading role in this sector. A move by Government to backtrack on these plans will stall investment, and worsen the growing distrust in policy that the industry feels today. The recent move by Government to retract UKCA deadlines is another example of a big hit to industry which have invested millions in preparing for a longstanding ambitious government target.  What we need is stability and certainty; without it, our economic strength in the energy and climate sectors globally will be depleted.

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“There is a way to reduce the impact Net Zero has on the consumer purse through targeted policies that incentivise deployment of energy efficiency and low carbon heat in the right places. A thorough and well-planned low carbon heat policy would achieve this. A move away from gas and oil can bring financial benefits to consumers’ home energy use if we match this with a robust and world leading flexibility market, something we have been aiming to achieve for a number of years. At a time when energy bills are growing, now is the time to invest in energy efficiency policies that help consumers.  The expected government move today will not do this, and the cost of Net Zero to the UK purse will only be greater.


“The Government’s own major policy document Powering Up Britain stated just six months ago that it was “setting a clear policy framework on energy security and net zero, so businesses can plan and invest with confidence. Smart and agile regulation, including the Zero Emission Vehicles mandate…as well as in areas such as building efficiency and heat pumps, will help drive demand for new products and services and accelerate innovation and investment.” BEAMA hopes Government will remember this and stick to the existing deadlines so all can stop deliberating and get on with the job.”