Baxi simplifies heat pump installations


14 May 2024

Baxi has teamed up with heat pump installer platform Carno, to make it easier and quicker for installers to design and install ASHP systems in customers’ homes.


Installers attending Baxi’s Heat Pump Installer training course will receive an initial 3 month Carno licence, which can be extended for up to one year. Carno claims that its home renewables platform saves up to 10 hours per heat pump job by streamlining the processes around each installation. These include smart lead qualification, simple home surveying, intuitive system design tools and automated MCS administration.


The Carno platform turns site surveys into robust designs and produces reports that meet MCS guidelines, necessary for customers to claim the £7,500 Boiler upgrade Scheme (BUS) grant on completion by an MCS installer.


Carno helps installers to pre-qualify their prospective customers quickly with indicative pricing, using available data and images of the customer’s property without the need for a pre-visit. 

Users can complete a full room-by-room heat loss calculation and the app will provide a finalised schedule of equipment including ASHPs, water cylinders and heat emitters from Baxi’s catalogue.


The app makes automated heat pump and thermal storage sizing calculations, without the installer needing to dig through product instruction manuals or get out the calculator. Dynamic emitter output and system performance data tools allow installers to work with the customer to find the best balance between upfront and running costs for their new renewable heating system.


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Once the design is complete, the tool automatically generates MCS documents ready to send.

Tim Wright, co-founder of Carno, explains; “Carno was created to make fitting renewables simpler and to help accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies, such as heat pumps. Our intelligent platform saves Baxi’s installers time and allows them to focus on the heart of the project - installing. We are very excited to be working with Baxi as they support their customer base with the transition to renewable technologies.”


Once an installer completes Baxi’s training course they will receive a 3 month subscription to Carno with unlimited projects, free of charge. Installers will have the option to extend their Carno licence free of charge for a whole year, as long as they are actively using the platform and register installations on Baxi Works.


Ian Trott, Baxi’s Head of UK Training Solutions, said; ‘The addition of the Carno software platform brings even greater value to Baxi’s training solutions, making it easy for our customers on every step of their journey to become low carbon heating providers.”


For more information on Baxi’s training courses, click here.