Batchelor makes splash with pool project


08 August 2023

Case Study


Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has completed a project which sees two high efficiency air-to-water heat pumps configured to heat a swimming pool in a domestic property and also provide hot water and underfloor heating for the changing room.


The homeowner’s requirement for three separate flows from the system presented a number of unusual challenges, but Batchelor designed a complete solution that is now delivering significant financial and environmental benefits to the converted barn.


The 8.5kW Ecodan monobloc units from Mitsubishi Electric, operating on lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R32, supply hot water at 55°C to a pool water heat exchanger, which in turn heats the pool water. They are also being used to provide domestic hot water (DHW) for the changing room shower and sink via a calorifier (a hot water tank with coil heat exchanger), along with space heating via an underfloor system.


The Ecodans are configured in a cascaded system through a low-loss flow and return header, with zone valves determining if the system is supplying the pool, DHW or space heating.

A thermostat detects the pool water temperature and, when required, signals via the pool control panel for the pool circulation pump to start and also for the Ecodan control panel to start the primary circulation pump and Ecodan itself. Wi-Fi control and monitoring are installed, along with independent electricity monitoring and a class II heat meter to measure system efficiency.


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Homeowner Tom Williams said: “Having spoken to many companies, Batchelor were the most helpful and proactive at working with me and the manufacturer to provide a solution to my apparently unique issue of requiring three separate flows from the heat pumps: low pressure hot water for the swimming pool system, hot water for a shower and hot water at a different temperature for underfloor heating.

“The installation was not without its challenges and Batchelor’s installation engineer was tenacious throughout, resolving issues as they arose. The system now functions well even at low external temperatures and I am looking forward to a (hopefully) very cheap warm

summer where the pumps are rarely on!’’


Batchelor general manager Mark Richardson said: “We were approached by the customer to provide a combined solution of swimming pool heating alongside underfloor heating and hot water for the immediate facilities.

“It was a highly satisfying project to be involved with because careful consideration had to be given to the way the system controlled and regulated various temperatures for each different circuit. The Ecodans were simple to install and easy to integrate with the swimming pool system controls and energy monitoring interfaces.”