Automated billing for energy savings


15 November 2017
Synapsys Solutions is urging a switch to automated tenant billing in order for tenants to be billed accurately, fairly and improve overall energy efficiency.

The introduction of the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014 is the catalyst behind automated tenant billing. The purpose of the regulations was to ensure a precise billing process. Subsequently, commercial and domestic property landlords of multi let properties where heating, cooling, or hot water is supplied to tenants through a district or communal heating network, are required to provide detailed information about those networks to a central body.
Space and water heating account for 40% of CO2 emissions in UK buildings, hence the urgency to reduce energy consumption. Historically tenant billing has been a manual data entry process which allowed for errors and did not prove cost-effective for either landlord or tenant.

The new framework underlines that tenant billing must be electronic and metered by the end of 2017. However, the regulations can only be met if landlords are able to not only monitor the energy usage, but to do so in a manner which allows for accurate billing on a tenant by tenant basis.

Synapsys has introduced a free CPD-accredited guide and presentation to tenant billing. It covers why an automated billing process will greatly assist landlords, building owners and tenants by ensuring only actual energy usage per tenant is billed.

Furthermore, the Guide looks at the history of tenant billing and how the automated billing process is effective in encouraging the end user to consider the impact of their own energy consumption. It also details how an automated system will help to correctly apportion energy usage as a means to achieve zero residual energy in a building.

This is integral is meeting the ambitious Europe 2020 targets for EU member states to increase energy efficiency by 20% and lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by a fifth.

Matt Gardner, Business Development Management for Synapsys Solutions, said: “We need people to be aware that there are some actions which need to be taken urgently in order to comply with regulations. We want to help landlords, business owners and tenants understand how automated tenant billing can benefit them. Landlords can set-up flexible tariffs which provide an incentive for tenants to take ownership of their actions, which in turn helps to reduce energy usage and costs.”

To request a copy of the guide contact [email protected]
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