ARES Tec Boilers Help Searle Dry Cooler Testing After Fire


16 November 2015
ARES Tec Boilers - Heat Pumps Today
Alpha Heating Innovation helped Searle at their dry cooler testing centre in Fareham, Hampshire after a fire badly damaged their facility in February 2014.

​When designing their new test centre three months later, Searle realised they would need boilers with varying capacity stages to satisfy Eurovent Certification standards. Searle read about Alpha and their boilers in an industry magazine which offer tight control and capacity. 
The dry coolers commonly cool working fluids using ambient air through a forced convection heat exchange process, amongst other applications. They work with low-pressure liquid and use a pump to circulate liquid without changing its state. After the fire, Searle needed a cost-effectivesolution that gave them control to measure capacity efficiently.

The AREA Tec boilers are efficient, quiet and have low emissions. the boilers at Fareham heat the system water which goes to the adjoining room to the test units.  The test room can get to -40C. The units cool the water and return it to the boilers. 
ARES Tec Boiler - Heat PumpsToday
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