AREA and Chillventa strengthen bond at Heat Pump Summit


20 July 2017
AREA and Chillventa have signed a new partnership agreement covering both Chillventa and the European Heat Pump Summit.
AREA, the European organisation of air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps contractors, is a long-standing supporter of Chillventa and has timed its autumn general assembly meeting to coincide with the exhibition.

This historical relationship will deepen with the signature of a new partnership agreement that now also includes the European Heat Pump Summit.

AREA President Per Jonasson said: “AREA is delighted to strengthen its collaboration with NürnbergMesse who will be able to make the most of the large network provided by our 25 national associations in 22 countries.''

Daniela Heinkel, Director Chillventa, NürnbergMesse, said: "We have maintained very good and close contact for many years now. But there’s more to it than just an outstanding business relationship and areas of common interest: there’s the international aspect, too. AREA, for instance, with more than 13,000 companies from 22 countries specialising in cooling, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps; the global NürnbergMesse Group with its international exhibition Chillventa – the trade fair for refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps; and the European Heat Pump Summit. The newly signed co-operation agreement provides further powerful confirmation of our mutual commitment. We are very pleased to take our collaborative relationship with AREA to a new level.”
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