Aquarea on show at Housing 2019


05 June 2019
Panasonic Heating & Cooling​ will be exhibiting at Housing 2019 in Manchester later this month.

Panasonic is also sponsoring the Insight Theatre during the event, which runs from 25-27 June, with expert speakers giving an overview of air source heat pumps.
Tony Nielsen, UK marketing manager for Panasonic, said: “With the demand for renewable heating solutions for residential properties growing, Panasonic has developed a range of innovative renewable heat pump solutions that are reliable, deliver energy efficient and cost-effective solutions to residential and commercial markets. Housing 2019 provides us with a platform to share with the industry the latest advances in renewable heat pump technology.''

Panasonic will be showcasing its Aquarea range of air to water heat pumps. Panasonic experts will also be on hand to demonstrate the intelligent range of remote controllers to show how users can monitor and keep track of their energy usage to help cut costs and be more energy efficient.

Panasonic's schedule at the event is:

25 June, 11.05– 11.50 – Overview of heat pumps 
While the impact of climate change becomes more apparent, companies, governments and individuals must take a greater responsibility in reducing their human impact upon the environment. Tony Nielsen will discuss one of the most effective renewable technologies for heating and cooling homes - the air source heat pump.
 26 June, 10.10–10.55 – The future of heat pumps in the UK 
The session will explain how the heating and cooling industry in the UK is evolving and setting new trends. Homeowners are increasingly looking for their homes to be more energy efficient and cost effective, in addition to using renewable technologies. This session will explore why consumers are demanding more and how air to water heat pumps may be the answer.
27 June, 11.05–11.50 – Residential heat pump case study 
This session will look at some real life case studies where air source heat pumps have been installed in properties that required a suitable renewable energy source solution to heat the homes as well as provide hot water in addition to being reliable, aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and cost effective for its residents.
Visit the Panasonic booth for advice on Stand F11 or contact a member of the team beforehand to arrange meeting - email [email protected].
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