Advanced Engineering launches heating cleaner range


08 February 2018
With more than 35 years’ experience in developing chemicals for ACR engineers, Advanced Engineering has now turned its attention to heating, launching the three-product SafeGarde range.
Fast flushing… for any system flush
The SafeGarde SG1 system cleaner and flusher, uniquely, is suitable for both newly installed and existing systems. It is highly effective at removing debris, sludge and scale: in a typical domestic system it takes less than 60 minutes… with or without a powerflush machine. SafeGarde SG1’s special chelating properties ensure effective removal of metal debris.
Keep it clean… and efficient
A balanced blend of corrosion inhibitors, the SafeGarde SG2 multi-metal corrosion inhibitor protects high-value components against limescale and corrosion. It is suitable for both new and existing central heating systems. Not only does it extend the life of the system, it ensures maximum efficiency, too.
Eliminate the noise
Designed to break down magnetite sludges, the boiler-noise eliminating SG3 is safe to leave in a system for up to 14 days. Advanced says because it is so effective at neutralising and removing corrosion deposits – including sludge, flux, debris, oils and grease – it improves heat transfer, too.
Managing Director Barry Lea said: “As we all know, heating and ACR are not all that different – engineers and installers of each must overcome many of the same issues.
“Advanced is renowned for finding solutions to many ‘unsolvable’ ACR issues… and now we’re putting our expertise towards improving heating as well.”
To find out more about SafeGarde and Advanced Engineering, call 01256 460300 or visit
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