09 August 2016
PictureThe Dimplex EDL hot water heat pump
​Dimplex has launched the EDL200 and EDL270 hot water heat pump, a lower carbon alternative to electric immersion heaters that makes it easier to capitalise on the benefits of electric heating for smaller properties that have to pass Building Regulations. 

The hot water heat pump uses an integrated high-performance compressor to extract energy for hot water production from the external air using insulated duct work.  

Using up to three times less electricity than direct acting water heaters, it provides an energy efficient hot water solution for smaller, electrically heated properties such as apartments, social housing, student accommodation and retirement living.

​​​Domestic hot water heat pumps – already a proven technology in France and other EU countries – can significantly reduce the dwelling emission rate compared to a direct electric cylinder. It means developers can achieve Part L compliance whilst still specifying electric panel heaters and/or off-peak electric heating appliances, which can be cheaper to install. 

Suitable for new build properties and cylinder upgrade projects, Dimplex’s hot water heat pump comes in a compact design  with a high-performance rotary compressor mounted on anti-vibration pads, all designed to keep noise to a minimum.

Christian Hadley, product marketing manager at Dimplex, said: 
​“As Building Regulations have evolved, there has been a greater emphasis on carbon reduction and the Target Emission Rate is now less than 60 per cent of what it was in 2002.” 

“This has made it harder to specify electric heating, despite the benefits to housebuilders, developers and end users alike. These benefits include low installation costs, increased design flexibility, and reduced heating bills when taking into account maintenance of alternative systems such as gas. 

“Great strides have been made by developers to improve fabric and ventilation rates, but it is no longer cost effective to continue reducing carbon emissions by reducing heating loads or putting more Photo Voltaics on the roof.” 

“Instead, architects and specifiers must look at ways to improve the SAP rating of a property through innovative electric hot water appliances, an area where there has previously been very little reduction in carbon emissions.” 

“Our new hot water heat pump delivers a really effective solution that can improve the SAP rating of a property.” 
​The Dimplex EDL hot water heat pump is available in two sizes, 200L and 270L, and is approved for use in the UK under Building Regulations Part G3 unvented hot water storage systems. 

The stainless steel cylinder also comes with a five-year guarantee, backed by the service excellence and rigorous product testing that comes as standard with all Dimplex installed heating products. 

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