Why Summer May Be the Best Time to Think Of Heating


20 August 2015
Heat pump installer
At the time of writing, Britain has just had its hottest July day on record and this has to be good news for the air conditioning industry, which seems to naturally grow every time a scorching British summer makes people think seriously of the merits of air conditioning.

By Ben Bartle-Ross, technical trainer at Mitsubishi Electric

Hopefully everyone in the industry has work coming out of their ears and cannot find enough hours in the day to cope with demand.

But we all know what a fickle mistress the British weather is and for those whose air conditioning business is constantly reliant on the vagaries of the seasons, is there a way of ensuring more consistent business throughout the year?

  • Do you suffer from a slump in business in the colder months of the year?
  • Do you want another way to use your F-Gas skills and differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • Is it time you thought seriously about getting into heating?

Air Source Heat Pumps - Growing Demand

Before you all scream that you are not set up to cope with consumers and plumbing, let me point out that BSRIA predicts a healthy growth in demand for air source heat pumps both in domestic and commercial situations.

Can I also highlight the fact that in addition to ‘monobloc’ ASHPs, there is a real place for split systems – which can only be fitted by F-Gas qualified engineers!

Whilst monoblocs offer a straightforward way for many homes and businesses to access renewable heating, split systems have many advantages because the ability to site the outdoor unit further away from the building than a monobloc can help with design.

In addition to this, the fact that splits also use refrigerant piping between the outdoor and the indoor also means that they do not rely on a glycol solution – which some people prefer.

Having the skills necessary to install a split system for heating and hot water can therefore offer a real business opportunity for installers ready to engage with both businesses and consumers looking for expertise and advice on the best renewable system to install.

There are plenty of training opportunities available between now and the time when the cold weather starts to threaten, so doesn’t this offer a real opportunity for business growth for F-Gas engineers when everyone has forgotten the heat of the summer and is pulling out the winter woollies?
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