Fujitsu webstore proves a winner with customers


07 April 2022


Fujitsu customers have embraced the company’s new streamlined webstore, with the portal accounting for in excess of 75% of applicable orders in just over six months after it was launched.

The webstore was designed to provide a simple way for customers to identify, select and order products and spares in just a few clicks, 24 hours a day. Average ordering times have been reduced to under 10 minutes, improving productivity for customers, suppliers and Fujitsu.

Phil Deverick, commercial manager at Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK, said: “Our aim was to streamline the entire spares ordering process. This is typically completed by employees that vary in experience from trained engineers to administration staff, so a process had to be devised that would suit all abilities. The feedback we have received certainly indicates that we have achieved this with times reduced from around an hour down to under 10 minutes from a user logging onto the site to placing an order.’’

After consultation with key customers, initial planning for a spare parts portal grew into a complete webstore. 
Grant Harding, of air conditioning and heating distributor Oceanair, said: “The new webstore epitomises Fujitsu as a company because when they bring something to market it is always customer friendly. You can see that customer needs have really been considered when developing the platform.’’ 

Customer accounts

Visitors can view unit information and attached technical / sales documentation, as well as account details including order history, invoices, credit notes and shipment details. They can also create sub-accounts with different access levels and spend authorisation.

Every customer account is checked for appropriate F-Gas certification registration before the account is created and then monitored for expiry dates in accordance with Fujitsu's Elite Refcom membership.


The webstore operates with a simple menu that remains at the top of the site, helping to simplify the customer journey.
Products are selectable and searchable with an auto-populating filter system from the main menu. This provides a simple process to either browse all products in a subcategory or view all relevant products related to the customer's search (capacity, range, model specifics, pipe sizes, compatible system type).
Product comparison selections show a product description, specification list and available technical and sales documentation, allowing customers to quickly compare up to 10 products. Dimensional drawings are also visible.

For larger projects, the site has a basket upload function. Users can generate a CSV file of products from the Fujitsu Design Simulator, which can then be added to their basket in a few clicks.

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Aware that navigating a 500-page technical manual takes time, data books for each product have been split into sections, all downloadable as separate PDF files.

Spare part identification and ordering can be carried out with hot spot information

Spare parts

Exploded interactive spare part diagrams are present for over ten years’ worth of products. Clicking on an 'expand' hot spot icon next to the relevant part opens a small window from where it can be added to the customer's basket with an appropriate cost. Stock levels and alternative product options are also indicated.


With a clear layout of item number, description, price and quantity, the customer can create a template that provides a quick process for repeat orders. Delivery to any address is possible, and a choice of delivery options for next-day delivery with specific times are selectable. Warranty claim options, purchase orders and comments for the Fujitsu team can also be added when submitting the order.

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