What do you do?


23 May 2016
​June Richardson, from Pump House Pumps, looks back at ten years in the ACR industry.

“You’re going to a trade show in Florida? “What is it you do, again?”

Have you ever tried to explain to someone out of the industry what you do for a living, only to receive a puzzled look? I have given up and now say I work in Sales.

We move in mysterious ways!

Do your friends and family look at you in a strange way when you point out an installation?  Or, even offer it praise or criticism?  Don’t deny it we all do it and for you, newbies to the industry mark my words it will happen. 

This will be my 10th year at Pump House and I think it’s official that like so many others I am now a true fan of this industry. I am completely convinced that many of my close friends and some family members have no clue what I do.

This got me thinking about all those other secret jobs unknown to the outside world. The fridge engineer keeping our food chilled. The ice machine maintenance engineer that keeps our G & T chilled and not forgetting scotch on the rocks!

​Let’s now offer thoughts to the manufacturers, the engineers and the trade counter staff. They open their doors at 7am every day to keep the world in the custom they are so used too. Let’s face it, everyone would notice if the ice cream melted and the Prosecco was not chilled. The variety of jobs this industry can offer is endless.
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​June’s Journey

My career to date and seen me go around the world to places I would of never of imagined. I have met famous people. I go to massive sporting events and, moreover, it has grown along with me and my family. In only 10 years has given me plenty of tales to tell. 

I’ve met so many great people. They are all as passionate as I am about this fantastic industry, even if they will not admit it out loud.

This is for all you secret workers in this mysterious industry.  I salute you and as always thank you for your support past and present. We never take you for granted.

Tweet us. What’s your secret job in this mysterious industry?

At Pump House, we are now setting sale for the next leg of our journey with Diversitech. I am delighted to be on board. Ans, I look forward to letting you all know about the new products we plan to launch in the future.

Full details as always will be available on www.pumph.co.uk or, new for 2016, Twitter. Please talk to us, like us, follow us or see what we are up to? Check out twitter.com/PumpHouseLtd

We often hear the concerns about young engineer and trainees not joining the industry. we need to all help change this by talking to our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews. Please help us remove the mystery surrounding this industry.​

June Richardson
Sales and Marketing Manager
Pump House