Training videos: step by step by step


01 May 2017
For this month’s column, I’d like to ask two direct questions and would welcome your thoughts and answers either by writing to the editor, or by emailing me directly.

I’ve been asked by my marketing colleagues whether videos would help me in my role as a trainer, whether that is for air conditioning or for heat pumps.

Whilst I believe that videos can be a very useful learning tool, I still believe in a hands-on approach so I’d really appreciate your thoughts on the matter.
Q1: Would you use training videos if they were uploaded to YouTube or available on our website?

Most of us have a video-enabled smartphone these days, so watching a short video out in the field is no longer the technical challenge it used to be – putting aside certain areas of the country with limited broadband!

But is that the best way to get the answers you need when you are right in the middle of an installation?

Or is it just another and highly practical way of getting the information you need, in addition to manuals, pdf product information sheets, telephone helpdesks, fault code text messages, etc?

Q2: If you had to prioritise one area in particular, what would you focus on first?

In an ideal world, I would have a camera crew on standby for almost any situation, so that I could video an installation for a step-by-step guide, or could show how we explain technological features and benefits in our classrooms, or could highlight how to programme the settings for a controller.

However, I am quite sure that my marketing colleagues will want me to focus on one particular area over another, so my suggestion is that we look at the ins and outs of controllers, so that anyone setting up a system or commissioning it will have access to a comprehensive and visual overview of the intricacies of the control system.

So, would you agree with me that a series of ‘how to’ videos on controllers would be a worthwhile exercise?
Please respond quickly. My Hollywood career may well depend on it!

Ben Bartle-Ross is a trainer at Mitsubishi Electric.  If you have any comments on this column or any other training issue contact him by email: [email protected].
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