Toshiba solution for £26m leisure centre


11 October 2022
The new Marina Centre in Great Yarmouth

Visitors to Great Yarmouth's new £26m Water and Leisure Centre, which recently opened on the resort's famous Golden Mile, will benefit from outstanding indoor comfort thanks to a high-performance Toshiba heat recovery VRF air conditioning system. 

The high-efficiency Toshiba system, installed by Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, was chosen to meet the project’s sustainability requirements, and serves the centre's pool and water facilities, 100-station health and fitness gym, sports hall with climbing zone, and café with views over Great Yarmouth beach.

Based on a combination of Toshiba’s three-pipe SHRM-e and two-pipe SMMS-u VRF systems, the HVAC system is designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency and optimise the centre's indoor climate for the comfort of visitors and staff. Due to the coastal location, outdoor condensers are treated with an epoxy coating to protect against corrosion and prolong working life.

The centre includes 28 Toshiba indoor units, mainly ceiling suspended cassettes, supported by strategically sited wall-mounted and ducted units. Computer and communications suites are served by a separate dedicated air conditioning system with Toshiba lower global warming potential R-32 digital inverter splits, for fine temperature control and energy efficiency. To provide the required resilience, the cooling system is designed to N+1, ensuring there is always a unit on standby in the unlikely event of a failure.

A Toshiba ceiling cassette serving the gym

Control for the Toshiba systems is provided by a Toshiba Carrier UK touchscreen unit, which connects to the central building management system, providing facility managers with full visibility and control of operating conditions and the ability to optimise total system performance.

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Craig Snowden, Adcock's Contracts Manager, said: "Despite the size of the project and potential complexities due to operating in the pandemic, the physical installation on site went smoothly. We have worked with Toshiba on many projects before, and are familiar with the brand and the equipment. Once the design plans were in place and verified, the installation process itself was relatively straightforward."

Toshiba's multi-award winning SHRM-e system has won every major UK air conditioning accolade for its outstanding efficiency and performance. When introduced, it broke new ground in terms of compressor design, controls, and wireless communications, extending the application envelope for VRF into new territory. 

Rooftop-mounted condensing units at the Marina Centre

The system achieves a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of 8 and above in most capacities, an industry first, and an ESEER exceeding 7 for all capacities. 

For more details on Toshiba's SHRM-e VRF system, visit