Toshiba and CIAT combine at new hotel


12 November 2020
Toshiba outdoor condensing units and pipework at the hotel Toshiba outdoor condensing units and pipework at the new hotel

A heat recovery-based air conditioning system by Toshiba and CIAT has been installed at the new 144-bed IBIS Hotel in Bridgwater. 

The hotel, developed by Zeal Hotels in association with Accor, is scheduled to open early next year and has been designed to be highly energy efficient, with the air conditioning system making use of ‘free’ energy recovered from the environment, enabling it to operate more efficiently and with lower running costs.

The five-storey development includes the Keepers Bar and a restaurant, plus meeting facilities, air conditioned throughout with Toshiba’s award-winning Super Heat Recovery Multi (SHRM-e) VRF system. Nine rooftop mounted Toshiba outdoor VRF condensing units supply the company’s super-quiet concealed indoor fan coil units.

The design includes two high performance Toshiba air-to-air heat recovery ventilation units, which capture waste heat from exhaust air to temper incoming fresh air, further reducing energy use.

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An air-to-water CIAT Ereba Access heat pump is used to pre-heat hot water up to 45 degrees C, before being boosted to operating temperature by a high efficiency gas boiler. The Eurovent-certified heat pump is equipped with an integrated hydronic module, and offers the ability for two units to operate in parallel. A Toshiba split system serving the hotel’s comms room completes the system.

James Kemery, Project Manager at Keyplan Engineering, who headed up the installation, said: “Toshiba equipment is known for its build quality and reliability, and, matched with the CIAT heat pump, results in an exceptionally efficient system.”

“Providing a comfortable and relaxing environment is a priority for us, to ensure guests have the very best possible experience,” said Tony Clark, Commercial Director of Zeal Hotels. “We worked closely with Toshiba on the design of the system, to ensure it delivers this as well as being highly efficient, to reduce running costs and minimise impact on the environment.”

For more details on Toshiba’s Super Heat Recovery Multi (SHRM-e) VRF system, click here. For more on CIAT’s Ereba heat pump, click here.