Time for a Change


30 January 2016
January is the season for a change for many people. Getting a new job or hiring new employees in January is normal in January. It’s no different for the ACR Journal. Our top two news stories online are about people who have changed jobs. 

It is also show season. The AHR Expo in the USA has happened, and The ACR Show in Birmingham is a matter of days away. Later this year, Chillventa is here again. All of this means we should see some interesting new solutions for the heating, ventilation, AC and refrigeration market. 

​However, the third most popular article online in January is about an old favourite – F-Gas. This topic continues to drive much of the new business in the market.
Connected to that is energy efficiency. Lowering energy costs is front and centre of many new business deals. But, I often hear that it is challenging to get the message about considering not just the capital costs but the operational costs of a solution to more senior people in a customers’ business. 

Given that many businesses rely on refrigeration or air conditioning for their success, is it not time that people in charge of ‘cooling’ in those companies sat on the board? Cooling is as important as IT in many companies. 

Will Hawkins - Editor
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